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Your home will have a constant supply of fresh air with higher comfort levels.
Overall air quality within the house is significantly increased which is of benefit to all occupants especially Asthma & Hay Fever sufferers.
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Wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy (due to lack of oxygen).
What are the Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System ?
No condensation.
No fungal growth in bathrooms.
Fresh smelling bathrooms (air is constantly being changed no need for air freshener).
Less dust (windows are kept closed and all air in to house is filtered) less spiders as they feed on dust mites.
Extra security (windows closed no need to part guard alarm).
Quieter house less outside noise as windows are kept closed.
Lower heating bills.
All dwelling need a supply of fresh outdoor air, not just for the health and comfort of the occupants, but also to control condensation, displace pollutants,and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of open-flue appliances. The amount of fresh outdoor air should match the needs of individual dwellings and the people living within it. To achieve an energy-efficient standard of ventilation requires consideration of both the building fabric and the efficiency ot the ventilation system. Nowadays, for designs of new or existing buildings under consideration, ventilation should be thought of as part of an integrated design approach for acheving energy efficiency.
A quick and easy to fit system of flexible pipe that can result in up to 70% time savings during the on-site installation process, compared to other duct methods.
This innovative system uses low resistance, smooth bore tubing to individually connect each room to the heat recovery unit via an Air Distribution Box.

By directly connecting each inlet/outlet there is ZERO LEAKAGE, so no less of valuable regained air.
Also the bore of the duct is coated with an anti-static coating ensuring higienic conditions and with no dust traps it is easy to clean simply by burging with a high pressure vacuum cleaner.
By direct connection to the air distribution box noise transmission is greatly reduced compared to flat duct systems with numerous branches and tee joints.
Requiring limited space Airflex Pro can be fitted in narrow joists or run in concrete screeds for a permanent instalation that will never degrade.
Ducting Solution
Traditionally , many UK dwellings have relied on natural air infiltration to provide ventilation. This can result in excessive ventilation rates that greatly increase energy consumption for space heating, and cause discomfort to occupants from cold draughts.
Energy loss from ventilation accounts for approximately a fifth of space-heating energy demand in older poorly insulated dwellings.
In new energy-efficient houses the high insulation levels mean thatthe proportion of space-heatingdemand due to ventilation increses to around a third. Equally, natural air infiltration alone can result, at times, in too little ventilation. This leads to poor indoor air quality and other, more readily visible impacts such as condensationdamage and mould growth on indoor surfaces.